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Brand: Dalon Model: 003122
Dalon’s Argan Oil is an oil produced from the cores of the Argan tree that thrives in Morocco and is known for its nutritional, cosmetic and healing properties. It is a herbal product of organic farming. It is called the damp gold of the desert thanks to its beneficial effect on the skin and the hai..
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Brand: Dalon Model: 003129
Dalon’s Hairmony Hair Color Stain Remover removes stains from the face and, thanks to its composition, does not irritate the skin. Protects the scalp from scratches and irritations. Protects the skin (contour of the face) from debris of paint...
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Dalon Nail Polish Remover 200ml
-48 %
Brand: Dalon Model: 003128
Dalon’s Nail Polish Remover is nail polish remover with keratin proteins for nail polish removal. Thanks to its high acetone content it cleanses the nails easily, leaving no residue on the skin...
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Dalon Natura Red Clay Mask 150ml
-19 %
Brand: Dalon Model: 003124
Face mask with red clay, rich in iron. Removes impurities, excess sebum and oiliness, tightens pores and highlights the natural glow of the skin. Enriched with oligosaccharides, polysaccharides and vitamin E, it offers lasting firmness and hydration. Ideal for dull skin...
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