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Woww Color Coat Gel Lacquer 241 Peach Bronze 8ml

Woww Color Coat Gel Lacquer 241 Peach Bronze 8ml
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Semi-permanent high-tech varnish that is very easy to apply and lasts from three weeks to one month. Cures in a 36W UV lamp in 2 minutes, or in a 36W LED lamp in 45 seconds.


  1. Apply a layer of Woww Cosmetics primer.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Woww Cosmetics base and cure.
  3. Continue with one layer of the color of your choice and polymerize.
  4. Repeat one layer of the color again and polymerize.
  5. Finally, finish with Woww Cosmetics top coat by applying a normal layer and polymerize.


  1. For quick removal, use the Woww Cosmetics Remover, or follow the procedure below.
  2. Remove the top coat lightly from the surface of the nail with a file.
  3. Use a wheel to remove the paint or, soak a thin piece of cotton or cellulose in pure acetone and place it on the nail. Wrap with aluminum foil while waiting for 5 minutes.
  4. If you chose the acetone method, remove the aluminum foils and gently remove the semi-permanent varnish with the help of a pusher.


Woww Cosmetics semi-permanent can be perfectly combined with Woww Cosmetics Soft Gel Tips.